Rails to Reels Film Festival Selection

The short film I helmed, “COLT,” will be screening in its first official film festival!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.53.29 PM             1620434_1391963357739155_1627071884_n

You can see it in Meridian, Mississippi at the inaugural Rails to Reels Film Festival on Saturday, October 18 at the Brickhaus Bar & Grill. It will screen at 10:30am and 3:00pm.


Carleton College Alumni Admissions Representative

I’m happy to say that I just signed up to be a representative for the College’s Admissions Department. I will be connecting prospective students and high schools in my region to Carleton via personal contact, school visits, and college fairs. I hope that more people can discover what a great place Carleton can be!


Unreal Film Festival

The Unreal Film Festival officially selected “It Won’t Fit in a Killing Jar” for this year’s fest! It is part of a 4 day showcase of international horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films.

Our short will screen Monday, September 29 at the Evergreen Theatre in Memphis, TN. 


Officially a Carleton College Alumna!

I can now officially say that I am a Carleton College alumna after our Class of 2014 graduation this weekend. I also found out that I graduated magna cum laude – just icing on the cake!

Also, I will be losing my carleton.edu email address soon, so I may now be contacted via email at felicitykflesher@gmail.com


Best of Mississippi!

Thanks to the Delta International Film and Video Festival, the short I co-created with Hannah White, “It Won’t Fit in a Killing Jar” won the Best of Mississippi award! Also thanks to Delta State University and Ron Douglas for hosting!

best of miss 2014

Medi.ci – Be a Patron of the Arts

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 1.29.11 AMNew platform Medi.ci takes a different spin on the art funding scene in which you may donate a sort of monthly salary to directly support artists you like.

I heard about this exciting venture because its founders are fellow Carleton alumni including fellow Cinema and Media Studies major Henry Moskowitz. A short CAMSzine article features Henry & Medi.ci: http://medialab.blogs.com/camszine/2014/02/featuring-cams-grad-henry-moskowitz-11.html

You can learn more and think about supporting me with my ongoing creative projects here:


Killer Kudzu NOW Online!

The Oxford Film Festival Community Film that I wrote, Killer Kudzu, is now available to watch on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to write, the fest was fun to attend, and it’s a fun final product!

Killing Jar in Tupelo Film Festival

TupeloFest Laurel_KillingJar

The short film Hannah White and I created this year at Carleton, “It Won’t Fit in a Killing Jar” just got accepted into the 11th Annual Tupelo Film Festival!

Our short film is based on a short story I wrote about a woman haunted by her insect-loving husband’s death.

Sarah Price as Blithe

Sarah Price as Blithe

The Festival is April 17-19 at the Malco Theatre in Tupelo, MS. More details to come.


Theatre Oxford’s The Pillowman


Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman, the play I’m Assistant Directing opens today at 7:30pm at the Powerhouse in Oxford, MS! It also runs Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm.

The Pillowman is a wickedly dark and witty play about a writer being held by the police in a totalitarian state when they discover that some of his stories resemble gruesome crimes in the area.

Given the dark themes and adult language, this production is for mature audiences only.

The production stars William Chandler, Zach Duane, Inés Joris and David Mckell, is directed by David Hanson and produced by Meaghin Burke.

William Chandler as Katurian

William Chandler as Katurian

I also helped make a short film featured in the play. Seen here:

The Writer and the Writer's Brother

The Writer and the Writer’s Brother

Comps Short Film Premieres!

I just presented my comps film to my CAMS department peers – my last official assignment in college.

And good news, fans! That film is now online! Feel free to watch and share my short about the true story and historical scandal of brothers John and Samuel Colt.

Felicity Graduates!


Although I still have to present my comps presentation (check out Colt at the Cinema and Media Studies Comps Symposium on Jan. 25), I just completed my final semester of classes at Carleton!


I will attend the Class of 2014 commencement in June, but in the meantime, you can find me filling out job and internship applications and pondering life as we know it.

Thanks Carleton, you’ve been most excellent.


Filming Comps


This weekend I, along with director of photography Jack Turzillo and six amazing actors, shot my comps project (equivalent to a senior thesis). It is a historic drama short film set in 1842 about famed gunmaker Samuel Colt, his murderous brother John, and the woman trapped between them on John’s execution day. The process is crazy, but definitely shows the kind of hard work and dedication that goes into filmmaking. I present the film at the Carleton Cinema and Media Studies Comps Showcase in January 2014.


Austin Film Fest Screenplay Contest 2nd Rounder

Although I wasn’t chosen to go further in the contest, I made it to the second round of the Austin Film Festival and Conference 2013 Screenplay and Teleplay Competition!


Apparently there were over 8600 entries and I’m part of the 10% that made it that far! The script I submitted was a sitcom spec for Cougar Town entitled “Jammin’ Me.”

Cheers to more writing!

Summer at Cambridge

It’s a bit of a late announcement, but I am studying at the University of Cambridge (specifically King’s College) this summer! Good times to be had in Britain.


Oxford Film Festival Screenplay Win!

Here’s the announcement from the Oxford Film Festival about my contest win to write the fourth annual community film. Exciting stuff!

“As a born-and-bred Oxonian, I know what a beautiful, proud, and strong place Oxford is and I imagined that if a mutant vine took over town, its people would undoubtedly join together to defend their home.”

Look out for the film at the Festival February 6-9, 2014



KRAP Radio

Ken Schiller, Mihajlo Babovic, Suyu Yeng, and I wrote, produced, and starred in this fake radio show for our Sound and Music in New Media class taught by Ron Rodman in Spring 2012 as a group exercise in radio sound design.

Especially if you enjoy self-admittedly inane humor, check out KRAP Radio: